Godzilla in action episode 6 The return of anguirus!

Godzilla in action episode 6 The return of anguirus!


Anguirus is a loyal, smart, skillful monster. He ranks second in command because of his sense of leadership and bravery. He also has all Godzilla's powers. He can regenerate, and eventually blow fire.

But he also has a very soft heart. You can pierce it easily, giving him bad anger problems. And if it's bad enough, it may result in insanity. Although it can be fixed, it's been done before. It also makes him gullible. He will believe anything that is told to him, that is, when he feels betrayed.

But when he trusts in a good leader or good side, he is very loyal. That is why he is only second in command.


Anguirus re-appeared as a cyborg villian, and worked for Team Evil. He appearently regenerated from his remains. Yet in season 2 he regenerated his whole body.


He was mutated by the atomic bomb, and he began as Godzilla's enemy. After a few years of presumed death, anguirus re-appears as Godzilla's side-kick.

He appeared in [Godzilla raids again], [destroy all monsters], [godzilla vs gigan], [godzilla vs mechagodzilla], and [Godzilla final wars].


Anguirus was created by the atomic bomb just like Godzilla, and he possesses all his power, too.

gender male
hight 90 meters
weight 60,000 tons
skill 7
intelligence 10
rank 9