Godzilla originally was a selfish jerk. But more of himself was revieled when he tried to kill anguirus and sent minilla away in [[episode 2 of season 1]]. He then finds that he can't do anything for himself. He depended on everybody else to do thing for him. He couldn't read, write, or even use money.  The only thing he really knew how to do was fight and eat. But he finally got a clue when there were people out there who cared about him.

gender male
hight 107 meters
weight 90,000 tons
skill 4
intelligence 1 to 6
rank leader, 10


Godzilla, as you all know, was mutated by the atomic bomb. He was given super strength,super growth, power to blow fire and regenerate any part of his body. This gives him the name the king of the monsters.