Godzilla in action episode1 legend begins

Godzilla in action episode1 legend begins

In a war with the human race, the aliens shoot a beam at monster island to make all the monsters smart, and to get them to attack the human race

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Aliens in the middle of a battle with the humans, shoot a Brain Ray at Monster Island, thinking this will give the monsters enough intellegence to attack the humans more sophisticatedly. But instead, most of them began to act more civilized. 

Minilla tells Godzilla to awaken, because Anguirus told him to. Godzilla in return insults Anguirus. Before a fight could begin, one of the aliens ask them why they don't attack the humans. Godzilla then squishes him, and tells anguirus to eat him. After anguirus eats him, he threatens to join Godzilla's enemies because Godzilla is treating him as if he was a worthless dog. Godzilla then attackes him and blasts him with his fire, and kills him.