Godzilla in action episode2 the team of evil

Godzilla in action episode2 the team of evil


A group of godzilla's enemies: gorosaurus, kumonga, king kong, evil rodan, hedorah, and gigan join together on a supposed Team Evil sweepsteaks. The creater of the sweepsteaks is unknown, he is only shown on speaker phone. He then announces that he wants the other monsters to work in a candy store, thinking it might attract Godzilla for delicious free candy.

Elsewhere, Minilla and Little godzilla find that Anguirus has been killed, the run away with anguirus's son, Billy(Billosaurus), and all the other kids on Monster Island. They call the crew the Dreds

Then it turnes to Rodan, who apparently needs to absorb sunlight. Then he decides to fly around Monster Island, and he finds one of the alien spacecrafts, and takes it away, thinking he may get a fortune out of it.

Then the scene turns to the Dreds, who find a portal door to escape Monster Island. When they escape through it, they find their selfs in the land of Sistersroom