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Godzilla In Action originated from Daniel Carpenter(paranova files)'s Godzilla toys as a comedy. It was first called Godzilla Holidays because it made stories of monsters failing trying to do human holidays. It was soon changed when Daniel wanted to continue the series. It took it a while to actually show up on YouTube, or ever to be filmed.

The show was based not only comedy, but suspense and action.

Aliens in the middle of a battle with the humans blast monster Island with a brain ray. Thinking it would give the monsters enough intelligence to build a better plan to attack the humans, most of the monsters actually began to act like normal civilized beings. Some that is.Apparently some of the monsters did become evil, and they gather together into Team Evil. With an unknown leader, that is, in season one. Showing his true face in season 2, he is Kyriu,mechagondzilla, but mostly Godzilla's father.

So you all can help build this wiki, so please do. To see and subscribe to the creator on YouTube, look for Paranova files.

Warning, the first season wasn't as good as season 2. Daniel didn't have the right technology to make things look just right then.

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