Godzilla in action episode 8 The attack of the dreadful, the beastly, Land of Sistersroom!05:57

Godzilla in action episode 8 The attack of the dreadful, the beastly, Land of Sistersroom!


Minilla is Godzilla's first son, as all true Godzilla fans already know. Minilla is a cheerful, fun, big hearted monster. Oh, and did I forget? Gangster. Well, not that much, but he leads a crew called the Dreds, along with his brother, Little Godzilla. He tries to help people, but he always ends up making mischief or fights. Storys created by the creator of Godzilla in Action, Daniel, had where they all had a secret headquarters, and sometimes made fun of wannabies, and create enemies on accident. They also destroy things in their way, while trying to fight enemies or villians.


Minilla was originally a Godzillasaurus, not even related to Godzilla, who call him through radio waves. Giant praying mantises, Kamakerus, mutated by the heat on the island they were on, attacked the egg when it started calling Godzilla. Godzilla came to the rescue, and killed all the Kamakerus accept for one, who flew away. Godzilla then adopted him, and tought him to blow fire.

He appeared in [Son of Godzilla], [Godzilla's revenge], and [Destroy All Monsters].


He was also mutated by the atomic bomb, and he possessed all Godzilla's powers.

gender male
height 13 meters
weight 1,800 tons
skill 7
intelligence 8
rank in the Dreds, 10

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