Rodan is known to be crazy. He doesn't really try to think before he does things. He would try to invite an enemy into Godzilla's HQ, or set a ticking time bomb into the HQ if he is told to. This is why he doesn't rank anything, because he could cause danger. He has to be constantly watched. 

But on the bright side, he is a great friend, he is very brave and bold, and he would sacrifice his life for a friend. That is why Godzilla lets him stick around.

original bioEdit

Rodan first emerged in 1956 from a giant egg that lay underground in a mountainside. A group of miners had dug up and released ancient bugs known as Meganulon. Once hatched the infant Rodan began feeding on the insects. It took only days for Rodan to reach its full size. It grew large horns on the back of its head and sharp serrated spikes on its chest. Rodan's skin is dark brown in color. He flys into the city, and causes destruction and kills a few people. He somehow finds a mate, who probably was awakened the same way as rodan. He sets his nest on a volcano that is no longer active.But before they can mate, the Japanese Airforce blasts the volcano, and it it awakened, and it burnes their home, and it kills his mate. He then rises from his burning nest, and he flys around it, grieving over his dead mate. 

He also appears in Ghidorah, the three headed monster, Monster zero, destroy all monsters, godzilla vs. mechagodzilla 2, and Godzilla final wars.

gender male
height 50 meters
weight 15,000 tons
skill 5
intelligence 3